Moon Fear (double album)

by Bill Boethius & Guests



Spacey and bluesy, supersonic, avian and subaquatic.

Bill Boethius in typically surreal style with guests:

Wou Wou and the Wormling guest on track 2, Alan Wood guests on track 4, Hot Os guests on track 6 and Jonathan Beckenstein guests on track 8.


released August 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: Moon Fear
Moon Fear

The Moon was once held in awe ...
In fear and awe...
So feared was she, that men sought to appease her.

Therefore, in ancient days, many did sacrifice their lives
To the moon.
Whether willingly or no,
Their blood would flow, and fathers, mothers
Husbands and wives would go to the lovers
Of the moon god to take their last journey.

Meanwhile, in these less looney times,
To what or to who, do we sacrifice?
What fear we most?

Track Name: Twisted Azure
Twisted Azure

Turned turquoise, a startled garnet

Thrust from shadows mercurial,

Blushed in purple sapphire heat;

Unquenched at the seat of Urda’s well.
Track Name: Inside the psyche chamber

The multicolour nightmare unfolds.

Time cannot hold the psyche,
Nor space enclose the mind.

My domain is beyond space
And beyond Time.
Track Name: The Feathered Night
The feathered night

Vicious rumours encircle your sleepless head.

A murder of crows cawing ‘I wish you wuz dead’,

As that woman’s brow haunts your dreaded bed

Bugs crawl and claw at your clammy goose-pimpled

Flesh, beating like the wings of the death’s head

Moth, Saturnian.

Thinking about Zoot Horn Rollo
Track Name: Secret Cities
Secret cities

Everybody, and everything, has a double.

Everybody and everything has an inverse,

An opposite,

A counter.

This Earth has its doubles in the Cosmos,

So does this city,

And its anti-city.

This very life we live today is existing in its polar opposite ...


They ... ‘they’ ... want to

Keep this secret from you,

And me,

And everyone and everything.
Track Name: Ice Lava
Ice Lava

The ice had always been here,

And so had the volcanos.

And then it started ...

The lava, it spewed ...

Searing hot, sticky, snapping,

Slowly seeping and destroying all

In its wake.

Until it met the ice.

Then it began to scab over,

Blister and bubble

Hardening into blood red

Track Name: Jammed Together, a Mutant Blues
Jammed Together, a mutant blues ...

When they can’t find their shoes,
When they’ve nothing to lose ,
When they’re feeling low down and dirty,
Dazed and thoroughly confused.

When they’re broken down, beaten up and bruised.
When they have no choices,
So they just can’t choose ...

What else would these poor boys do?
Smile and be happy?
No way ...
Get out of here!

They jammed together,
A mutant blues,
A mutated strain,
So the world could hear,
Their pain, and know,
They’d paid their dues.