Unsound Experiments in Sound

by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car



On this album Bill not only explores the various sounds of guitars and basses, he also brings in his own voice. He uses that voice to deliver his poetry which is nearly as surreal as his sounds.
This album is a mystical, magickal and psychedelic experience.
For variety, Bill offers some heavy sounds and a collaboration with the hip hop sound meister Hot Os.


released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: Sleep on Spikes of Unicorns!
Sleep on spikes of Unicorns!

There is a knot in the wood,
Like an eye, an eye of a whale,
Or an old man,
Or Odin’s eye.
Plucked out and thrust
In the side of the tree of wisdom,

Your shaft, your mind-shaft, sharp,
Spears mine eye,
Gouges into its iris,
Spurting the blood of poetry,
It trickles down and waters the ground.

And all kinds of flowers and plants
Upspring: toadstools, devil’s mushrooms,
Nightshade, worms, snakes and
Reptiles, squelching on the sod,

Walk upon nightmares,
Sleep on spikes of unicorns!


[Lyrics by Bill Boethius]
Track Name: A fayre one for the ferryman
A Fayre One for the Ferryman

The Ice Queen, snow-clad sheen
Did step upon the ferryboat preen.

Transported she was past planets clean,
While the ferry man blinked as he steen.
Track Name: The Lion's Way
The Lion’s Way

This way is the first great transformation of the spirit.

Here, one finds oneself in destruction, conquest, onslaught and cruelty.

In essence one plays the barbarian.

Track Name: Phantoms embodied
Phantoms embodied

Vestigal they slipped unkenned,

And penned a billion phantom selves

Within miniscule shelves in the skies.

And then, as the vox did commend,

They showered forth like so many

Madman’s cries.
Track Name: Merlin Staggers
Merlin Staggers

Merlin staggers ‘cross
Forest – woollen cape catches on
Brambles – Star & Moon designs:
Hooded cape with Staff,
Gnarled, marked with Ogham glyphs:
Grey beard, fulsome,
He roars toward the
Glowing moon which capers ‘bove
The canopies of twisted branches ...

Spells rend the night air,
Synchronicities are
Brought to bear
And curses & blessings enfold,
Enshatter in One.

As above, so below.

The god & the devil are One
And the Same.
Man is neither sane nor insane.
Life is neither victory nor defeat.
There is only magic.
There is no life,
But magic.

[Lyrics by Bill Boethius]