There are Sun Dogs

by Bill Boethius & Solar Maximum



Collaboration between Bill Boethius and Solar Maximum.

I first heard Solar Maximum through the good offices of Droning Earth.

I found Solar Maximum's minimalist riffage astounding, - like a metal haiku.

Sammy and Heather of Solar Max were good enough to invite me to collaborate on some tracks they had made just for that purpose.

Of course, my own baroque approach is very different to their classicism, and so I very quickly found myself making layers as my equipment went into melt-down.

So this album is the result of my barbaric excess meeting the toned discipline of SM's perfected riffs.

There's some blues in there too - but then the blues at the root of all of this.


released May 2, 2016

Heather and Sammy of Solar Maximum: bass guitars, synths, drums.

Bill Boethius: guitars, drums.

All compositions by Solar Maximum and Bill Boethius



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: Prelude ... behind the Sun
Prelude ... behind the sun

The beginning is here ...

Pandora’s box and mojo hand.

Trouble and bad luck

All begun behind the sun.

The prelude to our blues ...

Collaboration with Solar Maximum, incorporating their 'Raven's
Track Name: Maxed out
Is there a limitation to suns?

Is there a maximum power?

I am that maxed out state of

Heat and glower.
Track Name: Sol Invictus
This piece, 'sol invictus', Latin for ‘the invincible sun’ [an epithet for a god worshipped by the Roman centurions] recognises that all cultures begin with a creation riff.

Solar Maximum provide this godlike riff in the bass right here.

In its repetition, this splendid stripped down blues riff describes the ascent of the sun as it achieves its solar maximum at the very zenith, the house of the gods.

It reaches this red house and then luxuriates in timeless swathes and trailing rays.

To become ‘maxed out’, and refreshed - the sun god is then ready to begin his regal descent once more.