The Ancient Ambassadors of Eternity

by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car



The first three tracks on this album are loosely themed around the concept of the ancient ambassadors of eternity.
They appeared to Bill when he started to use a Theremin, as he does on these first three tracks.

Additionally the album includes a collaboration between Bill and Agitation Phi, called Vibrance, Spheres and Dragons.
As a bonus track, the full unedited version of this collaboration is included.


released July 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: The Ancient Ambassadors of Eternity
The Ancient Ambassadors of Eternity

If there is such a thing as Eternity, then it follows that there must be Immortal Beings within that Eternity.

If there weren’t, then there would be a break in Being if mortals expired all at once – a strong possibility.
There would then be a break in existence, and an End to Eternity, assuming that Existence is dependent upon Being.

Therefore, Logic itself dictates that Immortals must populate Eternity, alongside mortals.

And what would these Immortals do?

They would certainly act as Ambassadors from Galaxy to Galaxy, and so on.

These were sometimes called gods by mortals.

We are now discovering the movements of these Ancient – for they have no beginning and are older than Time – Ambassadors of Eternity.

They typically move on floating stairways of sound.

This track is an envisioning of one of those pathways.
Track Name: Polar Midnight
Polar midnight

And everything repeats
Even beyond Death.

For if the End is not the End,
But yet another End, ad infinitum,

Then so does Life return,

From polar midnight to solar daybreak.
Track Name: In Deepest Starmoot
In deepest starmoot

Continuing the theme of The Ancient Ambassadors of Eternity, to which this is a sequel, we follow the Ambassadors as they reach the furthest, darkest and deepest star.

Probing the planet’s surface they reach the inner habitations to parley with the strange beings there.

This is part of their conversation.