Alchemical Scents

by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car



Sounds and smells from the alchemical foundry that is studio Boethius.
With Wou Wou and Lynn Ingram helping in the mix this is another fine helping from the primordial dub.
From the underground to mountains, to space, the sounds are boundless, morphing. twisting and swirling into the canyon of your collective mindz


released May 21, 2017

cover art, Bill Boethius Self Portrait



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: Bill Boethius with Lynn Kalley Ingram, vocals - Little Orphic Annie
Little Orphic Annie

Unravelling blues, violets, pinks, and beige,
My soul is a rainbow in absentia.
Absinth pages, green, and golden snow,
Little Orphic Annie came to Arhus to stay.
While vertiginous goblins gambolled along,
And had their way with her again,
In crimson flow and cosmic pain.
Track Name: Xenology

The study of extra-terrestial life.

Philosophy must be as the Romantics conceived it; as a great overarching, overreaching, attempt to encompass the Multiverse.

The philosopher must be a voracious, divine animal; - a descendant of the killer ape, he jettisons himself into the solar system and beyond.

Fermi's Paradox states that if extra-terrestials existed they would be here now ... hear now ... hear hear ...
Track Name: Bill Boethius with Wou Wou and the Wormling - The Last Spaceship on Venus
The last Spaceship on Venus

Silent Venus,
Sister Venus,
Cosmic vessel,
My Earthling brethren
Desire with you to speak,
And upon your red sod, to tread.

You draw me upwards,
O Crimson lady.

Dear Venus,
Make a sound or three,
So that we, may,
To your dunes voyage,
And join ye, once more, in cosmic

Track Name: Ascent of Sky Mountain
Ascent of Sky Mountain

Everything tells you ‘no’ and blocks your stumble.
‘Better to stay at home and avoid adventure.
These climes are not for you, nor can you climb so,
To reach such giddy heights, where the air will be
All too thin, and the silence will deafen you,
And the light, blind you, and the sleet bind you.
You will be deaf, dumb and blind as you try to climb’.

No matter, climb I will, for I know that there is something
Beyond these senses, and that there are heights beyond heights,
And sounds beyond sounds, and scents beyond scents,
And sights beyond sights, and beyonds beyond beyonds,
And ascents beyond ascents ...
Ad infinitum.