Atonal apples, & amplified heat

by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car



The line 'atonal apples, and amplified heat' comes from Cream, of course. Delivered in Ginger Baker's gruff Cockney snarl, it describes Bill's approach to sound. The quotidian and Earthbound suddenly blazes into the Cosmic and Surreal. A cheap pawnshop guitar erupts into golden futuristic Egyptoid clusters.
Even on his London streets, made 'angry with traffic' does Bill find journeys into the furthest reaches of the Multiverse.


released May 26, 2016

All compositions by Bill Boethius;
All instruments played by Bill Boethius:
Produced by Bill Boethius, 2016



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: From Hollow Seas
Hollow Seas swirl within

Holy whirl pools,

salty worlds of free-falling

Aegir grains.

Mariners of Poseidon,


aim their glistening

light-wave harpoons

at Sea-horse riders,

who bubble the brine

And climb the sea moons

Of Yamuna.
Track Name: Dissolute clusters

Congregations of stars,

Sting the dark height,

To steel light,

From unborn suns,

In drunken deliriums.
Track Name: Last days of the gods ... on Earth
Last days of the gods on Earth

Ye have not stopped
Believing in the gods ..
How could ye?

Nay, mortal, the gods
Are merely leaving this Earth.
They have ceased to believe ...
In you.

Look ye to the planets,
That’s where they now reside.

Go ye to your gods
In your cosmic ride,

So that the gods might believe in man
Once again.
Track Name: Nile Insect Air
Nile Insect Air

Foraging Venusian vales of vegetation
We follow the perimeter down and around
Enwraping lush scenes, sounds, and unsighted suns,
As our sagging sails come to wired walls, and wainscoted walkways.
We tread upon buried mountains, and live beneath unrisen peaks,
As pteradactyl beaks adorn our magician queen honouring fountains,
In the blinding heat.