Gateway to the Supernatural - strange space guitar instrumentals

by Bill Boethius & Dali's Car



Bill Boethius offers a wide range of cosmic guitar sounds and avant garde textures on this album.
Improvising wildly he eschews the conventional, always searching for the strange.
Such sound experiences really do take one to the Other Side.


released October 4, 2015

Bill Boethius, guitars, basses, synths, drums



all rights reserved


Bill Boethius & Dali's Car London, UK

"The Dali of guitar noise".

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Track Name: Gateway to the Supernatural
Doffing his three pronged crown,
The Green Manalishi into
God's shoes stepped.
For some serious blues,
For some serious blues,
He crept.

On feedback he rode one time,
And the legions did follow,
But they could never match
Our Greeny sublime.
Track Name: Hypno Pomp
Awaking from sleep,
He shakes off the slumber
Which clings to his skin.

He sets out once more,
'In search of space,
And cosmic whim'.

Can space be limiting?*

No, space itself is that
State of limitlessness,
Of hypnopompia,
Whether in sleep or waking.

*Note: Double Hawkwind ref. Deke Leonard of Man says he asked Hawkwind's Dave Brock whether he thought Space Rock had a future. Dave replied that he wasn't sure, as 'space can be so limiting'.
Track Name: Hypnagogic
This man fears sleep, lest he falls into the cruel clutches of night mare.

His whole day is a stressful, semi-dream.

Another man welcomes sleep like a wedding guest, blissfully embracing dream and delerium as if to feast upon them.

In each, the boundary between waking and sleeping blurs.

Hypnos, the lord of dreams, is the master of reality.
Track Name: Portal Coil
Every journey is with danger,
And every single life comes to naught.
For it is only in the passing that meaning is found.
In the transitions from silence to sound.

And when the body is deconstructed
In the teleportal, its molecules melted,
It is only w'the pain of being torn asunder
That truth begins, ... and wonder.